Monday, 25 October 2010


This is my unix command help file which has been built up over the years. This file was built primarily for my own reference and is not intended to be an authoratative guide to all commands for AIX - often if there is a very short description for a command, you can take this as RTFM. I am not a systems administrator, but have been called on to do the job occasionally (and install a box or two) - this helpfile should be ideal for people who use AIX, but aren't responsible for the deep magic required for hardware configuration.

You may find this file helpful despite the numerous omissions nonetheless. This file was originally a plain text file but I have converted to HTML using 
Lemmy (A vi clone for Windows).

Because it has been hand-converted from the original text document, there's a few hangovers from it that I just can't be bothered to remove such as the caps headings. Additionally, some browsers may not render certain characters.

I've tried (and quite probably failed) to keep several conventions within this document - any command, if mentioned in the description of another command should have a bookmark link to the description of that command; all examples are in blue text - apologies to 
lynx users, but examples should be written so that they're recognisable anyway (and if you're using lynx, you probably know unix quite well anyway so I don't really know why I'm apologising ;-). If a command has more than one useful option, I've tried to put them into <UL> Unordered list tags.

If a command stands almost alone, or is complex within itself, it doesn't appear in this file but in it's own separate file (with a link if I've converted it to html. Examples are 
viand awk.

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